Lara is a graphic designer based in Miami, Florida. She has lived and studied in both Turkey and the United States, and is international in perspective, in attitude and in language. Lara loves everything creative, simple and fresh, and puts that passion into all of her life. This eventually led to a BFA in graphic design at Bilkent University, Turkey and an MFA in graphic design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), GA. With her intensive training in graphic design, Lara excelled in print design with a special interest in typography. 

Fueled by her curiosity and passion for creativity, she has also developed an interest in photography, book making, and screen-printing. Lara always values new experiences and inspirations from daily life and her travels. She enjoys long walks through the streets of Miami in search of the odd and peculiar for inspiration. Lara hopes to travel more, eat great food, and take more photographs that capture her imaginative spirit.

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